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January 24, 2018
Self-Advocacy is Your Superpower
February 27, 2018

Do you know your uniquely-you beautiful magic?  We often see strengths, which translate to personal magic, in others; yet we fail to see it in the person we most need to recognize and appreciate it in…ourselves.

The ability to see ourselves in a shining light  is eye opening and life shifting.  When we trust it, believe it, see it, own it and allow it, it can be the very thing that causes us to continue to rise up into our own best self.  Seeing and owning our sparkle allows us to shift who we are to what we do innately.

Sometimes we need  support from others to see our sparkle. There’s so much positive I never saw about myself until I heard it from friends, family and colleagues.  Prime example – my passion is sparkle I needed help from others to see.  My passion has been the number one trait consistently touted by management as my key to success in my career.  According to those watching me, my passion radiates from my person, my words, my body language.  Everyone watching from the outside knew it and saw it – except me.


Here’s the real magic – that is love.  Any time anyone can see some sparkle in someone else – and you tell that person – that’s love.


So, I have two asks for each of you.  First, look around.  Watch the people you respect and figure out what they do personally or professionally that you admire.  What are those specifics traits or characters that make them stand out, succeed, and sparkle?

Then, share with your friends, family and colleagues what you observe about them that you so admire.  Others may not see what you see; you may be just the bright light they need not just that day, but for their journey in self-discovery, self-love and strength.

Second, ask those around you for the things you do well.  Ask them, what positive trait makes you uniquely you.  And believe them.

As I was writing this blog, I pinged my first born and asked her for mine personally.

Here are her words:

Big hearted or inclusivity… you always welcome anyone and everyone. (She then listed specific examples.)  Open doors where all are welcome and everyone can be family.  You make friends with everyone. You can relate to and bring everyone together.

My heart smiled.  I am grateful to know I emote love and acceptance.  That’s my goal.

Almost every day it seems I speak with someone who is a standout in so many ways.  I am always shocked and surprised to learn they usually don’t have a clue about how spectacular they are.  And, then it hit me. I knew, because at fifty, I have been told in work reviews for years.  I have had family and friends in my dark moments who have rallied around me and reminded me exactly where my unique sparkle is. That is the fire that has raised me up to become the truest and best version of me.

We need to do this more.  We need to do this for ourselves and, for others.  Love builds more love.  Sharing what you observe as great in someone else, is love.

Start today.  Ask someone what he or she observes that is uniquely and superbly you; and at the same time, pay attention to those around you and pay that shit forward.

We are here to be love.  So get some.  And be some.

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