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April 30, 2018
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May 14, 2018

Complacency is the ultimate kiss of death. If you don’t believe me – try it.  The minute you quit caring or paying attention to any area of life, just watch what happens.

Let’s start with self-care.  If I don’t rest, fuel, and exercise properly, both my body that and mind suffer. Because there is undoubtedly a mind-body connection. If you don’t put the right fuel in your body, you immediately jack with the transmitters in your brain.  You’ll then experience a foggy brain, poor thinking, and bad moods. When you get off track (it’s okay, we all do), make it a priority to get right back on track. You only get one amazing body. Don’t be complacent with it. Love it and care for it properly. It will love you and care for you back.

Relationships end when complacency sets in.  From my lens, it’s often where we fail the most. The second we stop paying attention to each other’s needs or the second we become complacent with and for each other, we lose our ability to connect deeply with each other. We are men and women who are living, feeling, thinking, loving beings.  We crave that connection with, to, and for each other; we crave knowing each other intimately.  We must never, ever be complacent with those relationships.

The same philosophy is true for our friends and family.  Pay attention; stay in touch; let folks know when you are thinking of them; make plans to get together; say I love you; tell them they matter. That’s the good stuff.

This lesson is just as important for your emotional well-being, your spirituality, and your passion.  The very minute we drop the ball and stop paying attention, our golf game, yoga practice, and artistic talent starts to wane. We all know people who have been complacently ignoring their passion for years; and we see, feel, and experience that sadness in those people. It’s like next-level sadness. There’s really so much at stake when we’re complacent with that which is so important to our spirits.

Finally our career; nowhere is complacency more evident than commissioned sales. It never fails – the moment you become professionally complacent in any way – whether that’s selling, managing, leading, mentoring – is the moment you start to slide. Stay in it.  Never allow complacency to take root because we are all replaceable.

Our friends, family, lovers, loved ones, emotional well-being, spirituality, passions, and careers all require effort; they all require attention.  Not the catch-it-and-kill-it attention.  The kind of attention, energy, love and care that provides us the space not only to soar, but also to thrive beautifully.

The important, and perhaps hidden, esson here is for each of us to get real clear on what’s important. We are rarely complacent with that which is important.  When it’s that important, complacency doesn’t stand a chance.

And that’s my not so sexy truth.

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