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November 13, 2018
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November 27, 2018

This year, I’m approaching gratitude with a different perspective; I am sharing with you the people for whom I am most grateful.

First and foremost, my mom and dad. You gave me my foundation, the massive force that is my faith in God. You taught me about character and morals and values. You showed me what it means to work hard to earn my way. This year, more than ever, my mom has rallied around me, consoled me when I lost my breath and held me when I sobbed. She has advised, supported, listened and loved me. Thanks, mom. My dad reads all my blogs and cheers me on. And this year, true to form, reminded me to take it all, one day at a time. I am so grateful for the gift of life and for the two of you.

For my three amazing children Lauren, Christopher and Sarah. You loved me and supported me through a season wrought with amazing wins and devastating, soul-shattering losses. You hold me accountable and push me to be my best self. Anytime I start to slip, you three check me on my bullshit – thanks. You constantly remind me I am more capable and wiser than I know. You remind me to trust myself and keep moving forward. I love you each so much and am grateful beyond measure for the gifts you are to me.

For my baby brother, Rick, and his precious family, Angela, Patrick and Reese. You have graciously welcomed me into your home countless times over the past year and a half. Over phone calls and some Weller’s bourbon, we’ve renewed our brother-sister bond. Precious time spent with each of you makes my heart so darn happy. Thank you. I love you so much

For Maddy and Mike. I am so grateful you are in the lives of my children. You are a gift. You bring out the best in Christopher and Lauren. Thank you both for showing up for them at precisely the right moment.

For Richie and Darren. Richie you had my back when my marriage ended abruptly. You checked on me, spent time with me and invited me into your home when I was broken. You have loved me and accepted me exactly the way I am. Darren I am so happy you and Richie found each other and you did not miss a beat in joining Richie in loving and supporting me. I love you both so much.

For my soul sister and my very best girlfriend Bobbie. From the moment you sat down next to me at yoga teacher training, I knew you were so special. You have loved and accepted me without belittling me. Your acceptance is grace-filled, telling me any mistake is just an opportunity to learn. You encourage me, help me heal and find my truths. You have my back and celebrate all of life with me. You are a gift and I am so grateful you entered my life four years ago.

For Meg. Meg you are so much more than my editor. From the moment we met almost two years ago now you have been my soul sister. You help me see myself through a softer, gentler lens. You believed in me instantly. You have encouraged me, guided me, lifted me up and tough loved me through some challenges and never once asked me to be less than who I am. Your writing on my behalf – and anywhere for that matter – is magic. You make me sparkle, woman, and I could not do this without you. I am beyond grateful and so lucky to have the gift that is you.

For Nancy and Michele. You have loved me and supported me so damn well. I cherish my time with you and look forward to more meaningful time together as we share in life’s adventures. I am so grateful for the two of you.

For Lynn King. You are a rockstar, woman. You have encouraged me, tough loved me and always taken the time to make sure I am okay. Your friendship is a rare gift. I am so grateful for you.

For you. To every person who has taken time to support me on any part of my journey, YOU are a gift in my life. I would not be here, having the courage to manifest my dreams were it not for each of you cheering me on. You are and continue to be a massive blessing. Not one of you is in my life by chance. Each of you is and continues to be a gift. Thank you.

For every no. To every door that closed and to every person who rolled their eyes and did not believe in me: you made me stronger and more determined to make my dreams come true. I am grateful for you.

For all of this. To every old love lost and every new love found, every high and every low, every response, every obstacle and all of this magic life, I am thankful. I am humbled and grateful for every single being in my path. Thank you for being the fantastically wonderful humans on my path.

My heart is so full for the gift of you. That’s my not so sexy truth.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Sending each of you so much love and big hugs.

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