Seek and Surround Yourself with Mentors
December 10, 2018
Goal for 2019 – Create Space for Magic
January 7, 2019

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The Not So Sexy Truth newsletter is going on a holiday hiatus for a couple of weeks as 2018 comes to close and 2019 begins anew. And so I want to take a brief moment to send a massively heart felt thank you to each of you who take the time to read my thoughts and words and share my journey. This year has been overflowing with both tough lessons and amazingly wonderful new experiences and in between all the highs and lows there’s been so much grace and love and you, my readers and cheerleaders and encouragers have been a such a gift of that love and grace. For that I am beyond grateful.

Wishing each of you a holiday and start to a new year filled with so much love. I know, it is not always easy to choose to stay in a place of kindness, compassion and love. But try. Start with yourself first. Be kind, compassionate and loving with yourself and then send that love to all those around you.

Whatever your holiday traditions, be present. Every Christmas Eve I make dinner for my immediate family and I am so grateful to have another one right around the corner with the blessings of health and laughter and the gift of time and overflowing unconditional love from those whom I hold most dear.

As we head into these last weeks, my focus will be on intentions for the New Year rather than resolutions. The not so sexy truth is that every day, we have a new opportunity as the sun comes up to clear space from the day before, the week before and the years gone by. We can let the negative go and welcome new intentions that serve not only us, but also all those around us so well. The choice is ours. So chew on it. How do you want to wake up not just on the first of January 2019, but every single day and create the life you want and need and generate a constant flow of love and trust and unbridled joy? How are you going to create more love and joy in each precious moment?

So with each candle you light on the Menorah or each time you light up your Christmas tree as our year comes to a close, as you are shopping for gifts, preparing a meal, stuffing a stocking or wrapping a gift… or whatever your year end traditions may be, ask yourself, what is your not so sexy truth and how can you shift that for the life you want and dream of? Let the not so sexy go and embrace only love. Make a plan to welcome more love not just January 1st, but every single day. You’ve got this. I’ve got this. Wishing the happiest of holidays to each of you!

With much heartfelt love, joy and gratitude.


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