Catherine Dolan

With over fifteen years in pharmaceutical sales, Catherine Dolan is a sales leader in her field, celebrated for delivering consistently high-level and quality results. Her talent and passion for selling has garnered her awards, promotions, and recognition at district, regional, and national levels.

Dolan attributes her professional success to her strong emphasis on the power of connecting with and for people; these relationships continue to serve as a pivotal key to not only her success, but also her truth – how she has come to understand and appreciate how people work together.

And sometimes there is some not so sexy truth about how people come together in the workplace. She’s not afraid to share what she’s learned along the way. Her first book, The Not So Sexy Truth…About What Goes in the Workplace, exposes the professional, modern truths all women need to be aware of today.

Dolan is known for her candor and authenticity, light and energy. She is a foodie, yogi, and world traveler. She is the proud mother to three, adult children. She resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.



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